Topic: Ethics, Diversity and Inclusion

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  • Creating a Tenant Council: How Leadership evolves through the lived experience of social participation and with exposure to resolving issues in an Intentional Community..
  • Impact of Social Determinants of Health in the Care of Individuals with Developmental Disabilities: A Case Study examining Social Supports, Gender, Poverty and Cultural issues
  • Lessons Learned from the Development and Implementation of a Clinical Ethics Committee at Surrey Place Centre
  • My Information, My Decision: Informed Consent and Supporting Decision Making with Adults who have an Intellectual Disability
  • Person-Centered Health Care: Bridging Knowledge Gaps
  • Researching together to promote health and well being of people with intellectual disabilities:the potential contribution of participatory research approaches
  • Understanding “living labeled”: seeing the person beyond the diagnosis


  • Health and Well-being in Preschoolers, Children, and Adolescents with Severe Developmental Disabilities Relative to Peers
  • Sexual offender’s perceptions on early life experiences: role, gender and forms of parental attachment
  • Social Inclusion of Children in School and Community Settings, Part 1: A Thematic Analysis of Multiple Case Studies of Children with Severe Developmental Disabilities