Health and Wellbeing in Developmental Disabilities

Sponsorship Prospectus

We invite you to partner with us in hosting the 3rd annual Canadian Health and Wellbeing in Developmental Disabilities Conference online from February 7 – 8, 2024. This interprofessional conference connects healthcare providers and community partners to share updates and practices for improving the health of people with developmental disabilities.

Join over 350 healthcare professionals, physicians, educators, students, researchers, developmental service providers, caregivers, social workers, and community partners from across Canada.

2024 Conference Goals:

  • Improve health and well-being across the lifespan for persons with a developmental disability
  • Educate and inform individuals providing health care and developmental disability services
  • Strive to achieve equity, diversity, and inclusion by recognizing intersectionality — the inter-connected nature of social categorizations such as race, class, and gender as they apply to people with developmental disabilities

For further supporter/partner opportunities please use the button provided to download the Prospectus PDF. Additionally, we’d be delighted to set up a meeting and discuss your support.

For more information, please contact:

Natalie Halsband
Lead Planner
Continuing Professional Development
Temerty Faculty of Medicine,
University of Toronto

(416) 978-2719