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HWDD Day 2 – November 30, 2017

Session Time Description
Arrival 7:00am Registration & Breakfast

HCARDD Breakfast – details coming soon
Intro B 8:30am Welcome/Intro – Emcee (TBD)
Plenary B 8:45am Self-determination and Well-Being for People with Profound Intellectual Disabilities; presented by Michael Bach
Break 10:00am Time to view Posters & Exhibits
Workshop Session E 10:30am W22
Introducing ChYMH-DD: Children’s Mental Health Assessment- Developmental Disabilities

Katharine Moody

Needles, boo-boos and tummy aches: Pain, adaptive functioning, and lessons learned on the road to developing and evaluating an interactive pain education program for respite workers

Lara Genik (Author: C. Meghan McMurtry)

An interprofessional approach to address a complex barrier to health care in people with developmental disabilities who refuse to leave the safety of home

Angie Gonzales; Danielle Woodyatt; Danielle D’Alessandro; Nya Daley

The stroll along the yellow brick road-‘it’s not where you go; it’s who you meet along the way’. Sharing hopes and dreams, everyone has unique talents: we all need people who believe in us and encourage us to believe in ourselves!

Deanna Djos; Linda Ger-Walters

World Café Discussion & Networking Session – Emerging Issues in Developmental Disabilities

Megan Primeau & co-facilitators

Oral Health Care For Persons with Developmental Disabilities – The Past, Present and Future; Pioneering A New Approach

Alison Sigal; Michael Sigal

Lunch 11:30am Time to view Posters & Exhibits; Lunch served at 12:00pm
Workshop Session F 1:00pm W28
Evidence Based Skill Building for Children with Down Syndrome

Nicole Neil

W29 – A Collaboration supporting Individuals with developmental disabilities across Ontario

Don Murray; Jason Maher

Innovative Approaches to Increasing the Health and Wellbeing of ALC Individuals-Understanding more about who gets stuck in hospital, and how to bring systems and services together to support them successfully.

Jennifer Altosaar; Elizabeth Lin; Leo Edwards; Heather Hrobsky (Authors: Yona Lunsky; Olivia Shaw; Cynthia Cabrerra)

From Client to Citizen, Health Equity Begins At Home

Susan Beayni; Linda Till (Author: Jeff Dobbin)

Mobilizing Compassion in Healthcare: Experience Compassion in Action with Curriculum of Caring

Kerry Boyd; Mendelt Hoekstra; SpotLight Drama and Momentum Choir Representatives; Tom Archer; Karen Hodgson; Alon Coret

Special Olympics Ontario Healthy Communities: Fostering a network of healthcare professionals well versed in the techniques to treat people with intellectual disabilities

Shafeeq Armstrong; James Noronha

Break 2:00pm Time to move back to plenary room
Plenary C 2:15pm Title TBD – Panel with focus: interministerial collaboration
Closing 3:30pm Closing Remarks – Emcee (TBD)
Depart 3:45pm Day is over