Topic: Autism Spectrum Disorder

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  • Easy Fixings Program: Healthy Eating and Nutrition for Individuals with ASD
  • Family Physician Referral Guide for Children, Youth and Adults with ASD – A York ASD Partnership Project
  • Improving the Interdisciplinary Assessment and Management of Challenging Behaviours in Youth with DD and ASD: Lessons Learned from the Behavioural and Medical Assessments of Complex Kids in their Environment (BMACKE) Clinic
  • Women with Autism and the Complicated Journey to Diagnosis: Impact on Health and Wellbeing


  • Examining the Impact of a Multi-Sport Skills Camp for Girls Agers 8-11 with ASD
  • Exploring the Implications of Parental Expressed Emotion on Emotion Regulation in Children with ASD
  • How the Autism Spectrum community can meet its own needs through networks and community connection – A project proposal for a drop-in centre run for and by people on the spectrum
  • Knowledge about the Diagnosis and Treatment of Children with ASD: Perspectives from Medical Professionals and Teachers
  • Patterns of Health Need and Service Use in Young Adults with ASDs in Ontario
  • Positive Psychology and ASD: A 10-Year Literature Review
  • Predictors of participation in youth with intellectual disabilities and ASD: The role of environmental supports
  • Raising an Adolescent with ASD: A Qualitative Study
  • Real Talk: Asperger’s and Sexuality in Adolescence
  • Social Inclusion in School and Community Settings, Part 2: A Thematic Analysis of Multiple Case Studies of Children with Severe Developmental Disabilities and ASD
  • The Prevalence of Intellectual Disability among Children with ASD