Topic: Building Capacity

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  • Common Thread Initiative: Strengthening the Community of Support for Persons with Challenging Behaviours
  • Health Care Needs Inspiring Teachers: Introducing the Curriculum of Caring!
  • Learn by Doing: How to Use the NEW “Toolkit for Planning Education Events”
  • Safe Swallowing Management for Front Line Support Staff: An innovative model of education and training
  • Staff Training for Real Life: Program Evaluation of the Cross Continuum Behaviour Management Strategy
  • Toronto Controlled Acts Pilot – Responding to Clients’, Caregivers’, Organizational and Cross- sectorial Needs


  • A Curriculum of Caring for People with Developmental Disabilities: Pilot Research Study Supported by the AMS Phoenix Project and McMaster University
  • Are Ontario Health Care Professionals Aware of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder? A Secondary Data Analysis of the Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Survey for Health Professionals
  • Assessing awareness of resources for treating patients with developmental disabilities in graduating medical students at the University of Toronto, and evaluating student confidence in assessing and treating this patient population.
  • Development and Pilot Testing of a Healthy Eating Video-Supported Program for Adults with Developmental Disabilities
  • Internet safety issues for adolescents and adults with a developmental disability