Health and Wellbeing in Developmental Disabilities

2017 Program

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HWDD 2017 DAY 1 – November 29, 2017

Session Time Description
Arrival 7:00am Registration & Breakfast
Intro A 8:30am Welcome/Intro – Emcees Daniel Beimers and David Hill
Plenary A 8:45am Put Your Air Mask On First: Reducing stress and promoting positive adult development in parents of children with developmental disabilities; presented by Elisabeth Dykens
Break 10:00am Time to view Posters & Exhibits
Workshop Session A 10:30am W1
Interprofessional Bio-behavioural Assessment and Treatment of Mental Health Symptoms in youth with ASD and ID

Alvin Loh; Nicole Aliya Rahim; Anupam Thakur

Educating the Physicians and Health Care Professionals of Tomorrow; A Program model of the Developmental Disabilities Program in the Department of Psychiatry at the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry at Western University

Sarah O’Flanagan

Flexible Assertive Community Treatment (FACTT-DD) as an Innovative Interprofessional Mental Health Model for persons with Dual Diagnosis

Susan Farrell; Kate Baker

When walking in my shoes beats walking beside me: Mothers talk about taking an active role in developing and delivering interventions to other families

Amy Baskin; Kelly Bryce; Lee Steel; Sarah Waldman, Edna Elaine Obillo

Consensus Guidelines for the Care, Support and Treatment of People with a Developmental Disability and Challenging Behaviours

Tara Hyatt; Jennifer Altosaar; Lisa Holmes; Jo-Ann Trahan

Supporting Individuals with Complex Medical Needs in Community

Phemie Guttin; Victoria Webber

Lunch 11:30am Time to view Posters & Exhibits; Lunch served at 12:00pm
Workshop Session B 1:00pm W7
An Introduction to the Report of the Ontario Association for Behaviour Analysis’ (ONTABA) “Evidence-based Practices for Individuals with ASD: Recommendations for Caregivers, Practitioners, and Policy Makers”

Stasia Rossinsky; Adrienne Perry; Julie Koudys

Developing an in-depth case study for health professional education: A Community – University Partnership

Lynn Cockburn; Sandee Moore; Denise DuBois

Conscious Care and Support: a complementary model of support to enhance best practices in Ontario

Peter Marks

Grieving Together – A Peer Support Model

Shallen Jackson; Melissa Reinhardt; Donna Lee

What’s a Behavioral Phenotype? Lessons from Prader-Willi, Williams and Down syndromes

Elisabeth Dykens

Improving primary care for adults with developmental disabilities: Tips from the front-line

Janet Durbin; Ian Casson; Laurie Green

Break 2:00pm Time to move between workshop rooms
Workshop Session C 2:15pm W13
Evidence-Based Parent Training Intervention To Teach Safety Skills to Children with Autism

Sarah Kupferschmidt

Innovative learning and teaching strategies in training the next generation of psychiatrists: learners’ perspective on developmental disability education

Chien-Shun Chen; Matt Boyle; Amanda Sawyer; Natasha Fernandes; Alon Coret; Muhammad Irfan Jiwa; Alicia Thatcher

Practical outcomes of a needs assessment examining the priority health and social needs of adults with developmental disabilities in complex situations

Angie Gonzales; Kristin Dobranowski; Carly McMorris; Johanna Lake; Yona Lunsky; Robert Balogh

Supported decision-making in practice for people with profound intellectual disabilities

Michael Bach

Election’s Canada’s Accessibility Services: How we are making voting more accessible for Canadians of all abilities

Juan Melara-Pineda

Break 3:15pm Time to move between workshop rooms
Workshop Session D 3:30pm W18
Speech Language Pathology Services for People with DD – We Do More than You Think!

Heather Morgan; Sarah Dennis; Joanne St-Denis

You Want Us To Organize What?!?!? A Panel on Developing Effective Staff Education Events

Brenda Quinlan; Jo Anne Nugent; Kerry Boyd; Megan Primeau

When Adults with Developmental Disabilities go to the Psychiatric Emergency Department: Who goes and how can we help?

Natasha Fernandes; Amanda Sawyer; Anna Durbin; Yona Lunsky

It takes a village to raise a child: A discussion of pregnancy, prenatal care, and parenting in individuals with intellectual disabilities

Jennifer Allen; Deborah Bluestein; Alma Disha; Janet Vogt

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Depart 4:30pm Day is over