Program 2017

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HWDD Day 2 – November 30, 2017

Session Time Description
Arrival 7:00am Registration & Breakfast

HCARDD Breakfast – details coming soon

Intro B 8:30am Welcome/Intro – Emcees Daniel Beimers and David Hill
Plenary B 8:45am Self-determination and Well-Being for People with Profound Intellectual Disabilities; presented by Michael Bach
Break 10:00am Time to view Posters & Exhibits
Workshop Session E 10:30am W22
Introducing ChYMH-DD: Children’s Mental Health Assessment- Developmental Disabilities

Katharine Moody, Laura Lambert

Needles, boo-boos and tummy aches: Pain, adaptive functioning, and lessons learned on the road to developing and evaluating an interactive pain education program for respite workers

Lara Genik

An interprofessional approach to address a complex barrier to health care in people with developmental disabilities who refuse to leave the safety of home

Angie Gonzales; Danielle Woodyatt; Josie Costantiello; Ana Offenheim

Workshop Cancelled
World Café Discussion & Networking Session – Emerging Issues in Developmental Disabilities

Megan Primeau

Oral Health Care For Persons with Developmental Disabilities – The Past, Present and Future; Pioneering A New Approach

Alison Sigal; Michael Sigal

Lunch 11:30am Time to view Posters & Exhibits; Lunch served at 12:00pm
Workshop Session F 1:00pm W28
Evidence Based Skill Building for Children with Down Syndrome

Nicole Neil

W29 – A Collaboration supporting Individuals with developmental disabilities across Ontario

Don Murray; Jason Maher

Innovative Approaches to Increasing the Health and Wellbeing of ALC Individuals-Understanding more about who gets stuck in hospital, and how to bring systems and services together to support them successfully.

Jennifer Altosaar; Elizabeth Lin; Leo Edwards; Heather Hrobsky, Melanie Randall

From Client to Citizen, Health Equity Begins At Home

Susan Beayni; Linda Till 

Mobilizing Compassion in Healthcare: Experience Compassion in Action with Curriculum of Caring

Kerry Boyd; Mendelt Hoekstra; SpotLight Drama and Momentum Choir Representatives; Tom Archer; Karen Hodgson; Alon Coret

Special Olympics Ontario Healthy Communities: Fostering a network of healthcare professionals well versed in the techniques to treat people with intellectual disabilities

Shafeeq Armstrong, Zachary Brown, Leigh Caplan, Ilana Clark, Ryan Colpitts, Judith Andrea Eversley, Kathleen Lai, James Noronha, Yi Wen Shao, Karla Williams

Break 2:00pm Time to move back to plenary room
Plenary C 2:15pm Success, Obstacles and the Road Forward: A look at interministerial collaboration in developmental services
Panelists:  William Cutbush, Cindy Dodd, Wade Durling, Barbara Simmons
Moderator:  Sandy Stemp
Closing 3:30pm Closing Remarks – Emcees Daniel Beimers and David Hill
Depart 3:45pm Day is over